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Wholesaleteez.com's reseller program, Wholesale t-shirts and screen printing, blank and custom t-shirts.

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Wholesaleteez.com Reseller Program


WholesaleTeez.com has the most amazing wholesale t-shirt printing program. We make selling custom t-shirts to your clients fast and easy and free for you.  We give you all the tools and support you need to become an expert at selling custom printed t-shirts.  We offer qualified customers (Print resellers, promotional product distributors, ad agencies, graphic designers and marketing/print professionals) the most hi tech tools and resources available in our industry for free.  Our reseller customers have access to State of the art online designer software embedded on your website.  With full admin controls of your pricing, products and profits. 

Here is how this system works: 


You create a reseller account on our website and after we approve your account you will be able to set up a full catalog of all our our products and a feature rich online designer on your website.  Minor technical skill are required to do this.  From here you decide what products you want to offer and you set the profit margins.  Once an order is placed on your website we handle everything and every week you will get your profit sent to you via paypal.  For example if a customer places a $450.00 order on your site and you have the profit margin set to 50% you will receive your markup of $150.00.
Here is a breakdown of that scenario:
$300.00 - your cost on the shirts
$150.00 - your markup on the shirts@50%(your profit!)
$450.00 - Total sale.


Reseller requirements:
1. Resellers must be a business in the graphics, print, advertising or apparel industries.
2. Resellers must have a valid PayPal account to receive payments from us.  This is the only way we pay our reseller their profits, so if you don’t have one and are unwilling to set up a free PayPal account please do not sign up for our reseller program.
3. Resellers must have an active working website, We can not provide support for installing our application on your website. Please watch our instuctional video or ask your webmaster to help you.


 Benefits to this program:
• We are transparent to your customer.
• You have full control over the products, pricing and your profits
• We handle everything.
• If there is a problem with an order we will fix it and you still keep your profits, even if we have to refund or reprint                                    the order.
• You can instantly generate prices for your customers
• We never solicit direct business from your customers, in fact we will turn them down if they somehow come to us to order directly.
• No Cost to you ever.  You never pay us for an order placed through this system.  We pay you.
• Your customers order info is saved for easy reorders. 

Want to see this program in action, here are 2 sites that you can browse and get a feel for the program.

Live site – do not place orders, (unless you actually want to;) www.galloree.com

Test site - you can  login to the customer admin: www.customiphonecases.co
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